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The simplest and most profitable way to raise money.

Pick Your Fundraiser

All of our programs are designed to maximize the profit potential for your group by using our powerful online tools and our staff’s combined 40 years in the fundraising business. Choose from one of our awesome programs to get started and we will reserve your dates with no up-front costs.

Quick Planning Meeting

Sit down with us (or Zoom) for 30 minutes and we will customize every aspect of our program to fit your campus. We highly recommend having school administration staff present during this meeting for a more efficient fundraiser.

Track Progress

Here’s the fun part! Sit back and watch your fundraiser’s progress in real time with total transparency. Warning: refreshing your results page can be addictive! We do recommend using social media to keep your school community updated with the fundraiser’s progress.

Get Paid Quick

We understand the importance of getting your money fast. That’s why your funds will be sent just 24 hours after your fundraiser ends, either by check or an instant wire transfer. We will never hold on to your funds!

Questions That Are Frequently Asked

Our donation drives are simple to start. Navigate to our Get Started page and fill out our simple form. We will be in touch to gather some basic information about your school, club or event. We can put a project together in just 1-2 weeks.
Money is raised from sponsors who support your organization’s goals. Essentially, sponsors can be friends, family, local businesses, etc. Sponsors can be gathered by our tools that include email/text campaigns, social media and QR Code sharing.
Despite being full service, many of our competitors still require a lot of work from their PTA’s and principals. However, with Moolah, we do all of the work while minimizing campus and instructional disruptions. This results in happier teachers and principals. Our groups simply have to choose their dates, attend a 30-45 minute planning meeting with us, then sit back and watch the money roll in!
Our schools profit 20-30% more than with our competitors. Schools that do their own fundraising typically see a much bigger increase when they switch to us, often 50% or more. We pride ourselves on having no start up fees, credit card fees, or hidden fees. Our competitors often charge these fees in addition to taking more of your profits. Furthermore, Moolah understands how valuable educational time is. That’s why we strive to limit campus disruptions and focus on other proven and effective strategies for raising money!

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